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Publitory ( is a self-publishing community platform where you can perform any of the following tasks: start your new book project and author your book on-site, upload and convert your documents to ebook format, collaborate with peers, get services from free-lance members to enhance your book or if you are a free-lancer yourself, provide services like editing, cover design and the like to self-publishing authors, publish your book to the Publitory store and get your book distributed to a variety of retail channels, get in closer contact with your readers, use marketing tools to increase your book's visibility. Publitory is still in it's beta-development stage and some features have not been fully implemented yet.

In these pages you can find help documentation by topic on how to use Publitory in a Q&A's and legal documentation on the terms of use.

Post any questions regarding the tools, interfaces, authoring and publishing on Publitory to [email protected].
Please send us any questions or warnings regarding copyrights and legal issues to [email protected].

Happy writing !

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