Signing up

How do I sign up?

You can sign-up using your Google+ or Facebook accounts. Each account is considered as distinct. That is, if you sign-up with one, keep with it. In case you sign-up with both accounts separately, the system handles each of your accounts as a separate person.

Which information does Publitory retrieve from my Google or Facebook Accounts?

We retrieve your Google+ or Facebook account's basic information in order to register you as a member. These are: your email address, Your first name, your family name and your profile icon. No other information is retrieved from these services even though these services might be providing them. Any other information requested during the sign-up process is optional and will increase your reach and efficiency of use but will not harm if left blank. Your information is strictly used within the site and is never made available to any third party for advertising or any other purpose whatsoever.
In case in the future further information is required to identify your friends and facilitate your communication with your social media contacts, this will only be done with your action and upon your consent.

Will there be more third party login alternatives in the future?

Yes, other popular login services will be added soon

My mail address in Facebook (or whichever) is not one which I frequently use. Can switch to another preferred mail address?

Coming soon. You will be able to add additional mail adresses and assign a preferred one to be used to reach you.

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