Creating Your Profile

What does Profile Description stand for?

The Profile Description field is how you describe yourself or your presence in this website. It can range from any color of literary self-portrait to a downright practical job description like “Looking for a cover designer? Msg me!”
Your description appears in your public profile alongside your name and profile picture. It is advised to take some time to fill-in this field the way you would like the community to have an idea about you.

How is the choice of country and language important?

The country selection specifies your location of residence while using the website. Certain parameters regarding purchases, taxes and disbursements of earnings is determined by this setting and it is advised to make sure this setting is correct since it has to conform to system level detected geo-location.
The language setting determines your default interface language and default store. The store displays books on sale by language of choice, and the default is your profile language.

What does a Role stand for?

You may select one or more roles defining your intended activity(ies) in the site and potential contribution to your peers. For example, if you have selected “editor” among other possible roles (and assuming that you really have the intent and experience) you will be automatically included in the group of editors, be able to write posts and receive posts of other editors. Any author looking for an editor will be able to browse your profile and contact you together with all the other editors. Any public ads targeting and looking for editors will also arrive to your mailbox, etc.

To get more detailed information on available roles click here.

Can I select more than one Role?

Yes, there is no restriction to the number of selected roles as there is no limit to personal talents. It is however advisable to select only those roles which you believe you are able to accomplish as a contributor. Otherwise negative reviews will harm your overall reputation as a member.

Which name will appear on my books as the author name?

The first and last names which appear in your profile settings will automatically be your author name. You can either keep the default values coming from your Google+ or Facebook accounts, or you can set your preferred author name manually. All the books published with this account will bare the author name you have set in your profile.

Can I publish with more than one author name?

No. A private account can only publish with one author name. All books published with this account will have the same author name. In short, one account-one author! You can however always open another Google+ or Facebook account to use a different author name.

How can I use an alias or pseudonym?

You can change your Profile name to set an author name different than your Google+ or Facebook account. This however, will not stop anyone to see your social media account's profile picture when the alias author name is clicked to reach your profile.

Will my identity be hidden if I use a pseudonym as my author name?

No. Anyone clicking the pseudonym author name of a book will reach your profile displaying your social media accounts picture.
The suggested method to use a real pseudonym and remain unknown is to open a social media account with that name (and with special picture/avatar whatever) and signup to Publitory with that account. As long as you don't sell any books, even we won't know your true identity. If you decide to sell, since we require a valid bank account, only we will have information as to your true identity, which as stated in our Privacy Policy we shall by no means disclose unless a court order enforces us otherwise.

Am I allowed to have more than one account?

You may have more that one account with us and all may be directed to a unique bank account. Your earnings under different accounts will be calculated and each will be separately transferred to the same bank account. Your alias will not be revealed to any other person or authority unless we are legally required to do so.

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