General Issues

I downloaded my ebook file to my computer but it won't open !

Ebook files can be downloaded in differing formats (like with an .epub or .mobi extension) for personal use or testing before publishing. Epub files need an appropriate reader/viewer software application installed on your system to view them, just like a ".doc" extension needs a Word or OpenOffice application installed in order to open it or a "pdf" document needs a pdf reader software to open it. Ebook reader applications/programs are not installed in operating systems by default.

If your operating systems gives a warning which more or less look like: "cannot find appropriate program" when you click your ebook file, then you need to install an ebook reader to your system, capable of handling the ebook format desired (Epub for most of the time). There are a multitude of free and proprietary ebook readers for desktops. A web search will lead you to the most popular ones out of which you can install one or more.

Tablet devices support their native ebook readers like iBooks for iOS devices and Google Play Books for Androids but most of the time they also need to be installed separately and do not come as default applications. Apart from them there are numerous third party ebook readers which you are welcome to try at your convenience.

A free ebook conversion and management tool which ebook fans should not skip is by now the industry standard Calibre.

When a default ebook reader is installed in your desktop or mobile device, the downloaded file, when clicked, will automatically invoke the application to start and open your ebook file.

Are my ebooks copy protected?

Publitory does not use hard coded DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption. We believe this method excessively restricts the usage of the ebook to only specific devices or applications. Considering that the consumer pays money for the product, we find it unfair and cumbersome to create usage restrictions to this extent.

Publitory uses social DRM where the file is delivered as a uniquely compiled file for the buyer, watermarked with a buyer id but not encrypted. This method removes restrictions to usage and hands over the responsibility to the user. We believe this is a sufficiently effective method since any attempts to remove watermarks can never guarantee that none have been left over.

It should be noted that no copy protection is 100% piracy-proof and any encryption can be hacked. We believe our mission is not to impede user convenience and the indie book's diffusion capacity with futile protection mechanisms.

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