Publitory is a self-publishing web community where independent authors and contributors can author, collaborate, create, publish, share or sell their ebooks.
It is a one-stop workshop to create indie books providing tools and networking to enhance them for success.
In Publitory you can:

  • put up your profile, select your roles and become a member of the community,
  • start ebook projects selecting required and optional metadata like language (any-language), subject categories in international standards, audience, isbn number and other relevant information helping your book to propagate in global commercial channels,
  • Author your book by either:
    • uploading your word or openoffice documents to covert them to ebooks in epub format,
    • uploading a ready-to-publish epub file or,
    • alternatively start from scratch and author your ebooks on the site,
    • use the Publitory wysiwyg editor and its HTML editor companion to customize and edit your content,
  • put up ads or directly invite peer contributors to bid for editing, proofreading, cover design, book design and a variety of other specialized support,
  • make service deals as employer authors or supplier contributors to collaborate on book projects and enhance book output quality as well as your reputation and references in the community
  • use the Publitory marketing tools to customize newsletters, campaigns, contact lists, social media presence and increase visibility of your publications.

Once complete, publishing an ebook is a matter of setting it's price and clicking a button to put it on the Publitory store shelf for sharing or sale.
Not only that, clicking that button also means that your book will be distributed to all international retail channels Publitory is a supplier of.
The community itself is the first stage to get feedbacks and reviews from peers and readers. More than that, Publitory is a community to share the experience, joy and self-fullfillment of self-publishing.

Publitory is a web site run by Publitory Ltd., 89 St.John Street, Valetta, VLT1165 Malta.
Contact us at moc.yrotilbup|tcatnoc#moc.yrotilbup|tcatnoc

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